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May 4, 2017

Volume 2, NO 23 February 10 – March 3 1986 Daytona Today

They reached for the stars, And though a tragic accident kept them from getting there in a way they wished, all of the seven astronauts who lost their lives in the explosion January 28 have attained “star” status by having a star in the constellation Aquila registered in their names.

Star Registry International (sic), a company that names stars for people (not an official registry as far as astronomers go, but those registered receive an impressive plaque and the star registration is entered into the an official registry and the Library of Congress), has donated seven stars to Daytona Today and the City of Daytona Beach to present to the families of the seven astronauts.

Suzanne Sumler of Graffiti Advertising Agency came up with the idea and contacted Daytona Today’s Advertising Director Jim Ottman, who called International Star Registry. Upon learning the intent to name the stars after the astronauts, the company president said she would prepare special packages for the families of each astronaut and register a star in each of the names in a cluster in the Constellation Aquila.

“It just seems so appropriate” Sumler said. “Here are the astronauts reaching for the stars and now their names will be assigned to seven stars grouped together in the constellation which translates into the ‘Eagle.’ I can’t think of anything more fitting.” Sumler said.

Presented in memorium to the seven astronauts by Daytona Today newspaper and the Daytona Beach Advertising Federation.