May 24, 2017

Tenby Observatory Group

Star Gazing at its Best!

Photographs for International Star Registry Customers

Have you named a star through the International Star Registry?
We can organise a professional photo to be taken through our large 20 inch telescope using an astronomical ccd camera.
Your star will centred in the field of surrounding stars, with caption of your choice labeled on it as well as the star coordinates.
Cost is $110 including gst for a jpeg file to be emailed to you.
To order
Contact us by email or phone 0488 425 112

We require the following information:
Your name
Star coordinates in RA xx:xx:xx.x and Dec xx:xx:xx.x
The constellation your star is located in
The name you want on the photo
We will email you when in the year the star is visible to be photographed and with payment instructions if you wish to proceed.
Payment of $110 can be accepted by:
Bank transfer
Credit Card
Not all stars are visible every night, so once I have your coordinates I can advise you the best time of year the photo can be taken or viewed through the telescope.