International Star Registry

From the time we are children, we are told to “reach for the stars”.

Show someone who has gone above and beyond that you recognize their exceptional effort and fortitude! Whether you are recognizing a Graduation, an outstanding achievement, or a marvelous act of kindness or heroism, honor the “star” of the day with the gift of a star in the sky, and watch their face light up!

When the graduation ceremony is over, when the diploma is framed, when the trophy or plaque has been put in the display case, when the accolades are done, your gift of naming a star will shine on.

Present a personalized award that shines above all others. You will receive the same iconic, customized International Star Registry package that has been thrilling recipients world-wide for the past four decades!

It’s an outstanding way to recognize your graduate, your company’s salesperson of the year, your amazing coach or mentor, your deserving retiree, your dedicated teacher, or your phenomenal valedictorian. The gift of naming a star as a special recognition of achievement is an honor that lasts a lifetime!

Your recipient will join millions of others in the only published catalog of star names in the world, designed to last for generations.

10 volumes of our catalog Your Place in the Cosmos are already registered with the Copyright office of the United States of America. Star names recorded in these volumes are also stored in the International Star Registry vault in Switzerland.

What better way to recognize a really stellar achievement or show your unending gratitude than bestowing the honor of dedicating a star in the name of someone who is a super-star to you? It’s a gift that shines above all others.

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