Father’s Day – Honor your Dad with a Gift that Outshines all others

International Star Registry

Give Dad the Most Unique Gift in the Universe

Who was your first, and most important, role model? And who is the hardest person you know to buy a gift for? Who supported you and loved you as you found your way in this world?

For many of us, it’s our Dad.

How do you honor a man like that? When you surprise your father with the gift of a star in his name you are presenting him with a gift that says “You are the shining star in my life.”

Give a personalized gift this Father’s Day. Put dad’s name on a star and immortalize his legacy in the most unique way possible.
It’s not easy to find a unique gift that dad won’t pick up for himself at the hardware store. Imagine his surprise when you give him an amazing gift that will shine for eternity. What a memorable way to say “I love you dad”.

It’s a gift that is perfect for so many kinds of dads.
Maybe your dad is a great storyteller. Maybe he is a step-dad who was the best dad a kid could have wished for. Maybe your dad enjoyed father and son activities. Maybe you were Daddy’s Girl. Maybe your father showed his love by working hard to provide for you every day.

Or maybe more than one person is a dad to you. Does your heart belong to grandpa? Is there a favorite uncle that is like a father to you? Was there a coach or mentor that helped you?

With the help of International Star Registry, you can honor your father, grandfather, favorite uncle, or anyone who deserves to be remembered on this day. Name a star and it will shine forever.